Corporate Law

We help all types of business organizations with properly managing and updating their corporate books and records in a timely fashion.

We offer many services in this area, including:

• Managing and safekeeping corporate books and records, including shareholders/members meeting minute books, stock ledgers and membership interest registries, capital variation books, and board of directors/board of managers meeting minute books.

• Organizing, merging, spinning off, changing the corporate form of, dissolving, and liquidating companies.

• Drafting shareholders/members meeting minutes, notices of meetings, and any ensuing entries in the corporate records.

• Granting and revoking powers of attorney.

• Having documents authenticated, notarized, and registered with the Public Registry of Commerce.

Foreign Investment

We advise clients on how to invest foreign capital in Mexican companies as well as on the best way for foreign companies to enter into and solidify their presence in the Mexican market, and we make sure they meet all related official requirements in a timely manner.

These are some of the foreign investment services we provide:

• Registering Mexican companies consisting of foreign capital with the National Registry of Foreign Investment.

• Obtaining permission from the National Foreign Investment Commission for foreign companies to set up branches and representative offices in Mexico as well as registering them with the National Registry of Foreign Investment.

• Filing quarterly and annual financial reports, including mandatory reports on banking transactions for companies, representative offices, and branches.

• Bringing companies consisting of foreign capital into compliance with law.

• Obtaining apostilles for public documents and having their authenticity certified.


We are able to safeguard the interests of our clients while reviewing, drafting, and negotiating all types of contracts by providing the proper counsel at all times to ensure that transactions take place under the proper conditions and are executed in accordance with law.

In addition, we have ample experience with tax, labor, immigration, intellectual property, and real estate law and, as a result, are able to apply our experience in each of these fields when reviewing, drafting, and negotiating every contract.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

We offer legal protection to the traditional distinctive signs such as trademarks, copyright, patents, trade secrets, and domain names. Our services go beyond registration because we give a comprehensive, creative, innovative, and in time legal assessment always looking forward to protecting our client’s property rights, as well as specialized litigation in this area. Likewise, we provide all kinds of counselling in the Practice of Property Rights and related rights, carrying out the procedures to obtain the registration of all types of artistic and intellectual works recognized by the Federal Copyright Law, providing the best option for the protection of such creations.

These are some of the services we provide pertaining to trademark registration:

• Carrying out registration background searches and issuing opinions on the feasibility of registering trademarks.

• Filing trademark applications and following up on application processes until the corresponding authorities have ruled on the admissibility of the proposed trademarks.

• Drafting and registering agreements for the assignment of rights as well as trademark licenses.

Immigration Law

We help clients obtain immigration documents so that they may legally carry out their activities in Mexico.

These are some of the services we provide in this area:

• Obtaining visas to enter into and work in Mexico.

• Obtaining employer records so that foreign employees may be hired.

• Filing for immigration status extensions.

• Filing all types of notices with the National Migratory Institute, including changes of employer, marital status, domicile, nationality, name, etc.

• Bringing immigration status into compliance with law.

• Naturalization.

Labor and Employment Law

We counsel both employers and employees to ensure they have a healthy, transparent relationship with one another and are in compliance with all applicable labor and employment laws and regulations. We also act as counsel to both plaintiff and defendant clients in legal proceedings.

We provide the following as well as other services in this area:

• Employment audits.

• Individual employment and collective bargaining litigation, including petitions for constitutional relief for the protection of civil liberties (Amparo).

• Hiring all types of personnel.

• Submitting the rescission and termination of collective bargaining agreements to federal and local administrative labor courts for ruling.

• Collective bargaining negotiations, as well as drafting and submitting collective bargaining agreement wage and other amendments.

• Compliance with labor, employment, and social security obligations, as well as implementing joint labor-management committees.

• Reviewing and enacting internal workplace policies.

• Giving workshops on labor and employment matters and personnel management.

Real Estate Law

We provide counsel and assistance regarding property sales, purchases, and rentals and obtain all the necessary permits and records.

These are some of the real estate legal services we provide:

• Preparing and negotiating construction, purchase, preliminary sales, lease, and trust agreements.

• Conducting chain-of-title searches in the Public Registry of Property.

• Obtaining certificates of no encumbrances.

• Registering and cancelling encumbrances.

• Carrying out due diligence on the status of properties.

• Coordinating with notaries to have title deeds recorded.

• Calculating taxes on property sales, purchases, and rentals.

• Providing consulting on the extension of tax obligations as a result of leasing as well as on authorized deductions.

Tax Advice

We assist both individuals and legal entities in selecting the most fitting tax treatment for their activities in accordance with law.

Because DVNA is both a law firm and an accounting firm, we are able to combine our experience and knowledge to ensure that the plans and treatments suggested for each case are not only efficient and viable from a tax law perspective, but also from a taxpayer standpoint.

We also assist individuals and legal entities with reviewing and complying with their tax obligations.

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