Bringing Taxpayers into Compliance

Assessing taxpayer compliance with revenue service requirements, bringing taxpayers into compliance, and handling requests for internal revenue service opinions on compliance.

Reviewing specific cases for follow-up purposes as well as formulating efficient and proper strategies and related guidelines that fulfill the requirements of applicable law.


Preparing and submitting accounting records and entries online while adhering to revenue service requirements.

Formal monthly filing of required trial-balance and chart-of-account information using the revenue service’s grouping codes so that this information can be understood.


Issuing official e-invoices, credit memoranda, pay stubs, and both PDF and XML invoices for transmission via email. Providing internal revenue platform invoice-verification services.

Filing Tax Returns

Filing all types of tax returns, including:

• Estimated and final returns.

• Yearly returns.

• Information returns.

Tax Refunds and Offsets

Assisting clients when:

• Filing income tax and VAT refund requests.

• Filing offset notices.

• Following up on filings and revenue service requests for taxpayer compliance purposes.

Handling Payroll and Social Security

Preparing payroll, issuing pay stubs, calculating worker and employer contributions as well as submitting notices to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and National Workers’ Housing Fund (INFONAVIT), and calculating state payroll taxes.

Filing Consultation and Support

Assisting clients with any type of filing made with any Mexican authority, including:

The Mexican Internal Revenue Service (SAT):

• Federal Taxpayers’ Registry registration and updates.

• Obtaining and renewing digital signatures, passwords, and digital stamp certificates.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS):

• Employer registration.

• Employer registry changes.

• Ensuring taxpayer compliance.

State and Local Tax Matters:

Taxpayer registration and submission of notices concerning changes in information on record with the payroll taxpayer’s registry as well as for other local taxes.

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